The Member Revolution
is Here!

Huntington Health & Wealth Club is a member based Mutual Aussie Citizen & DIY Investor Wealth Association

We educate, train and promote small to medium business partners, in peer to peer financial services and capital solutions.

We have developed a trademarked model in small business integration, called Huntington Biz-Matchmaker™
We’re passionate about commercial collaboration and our motto is ‘THINK B.I.G!’

B.I.G. is an acronym for a Biz Integrators & Blockchain Innovators Group, as we maximise your success, through unity in an on-line community.

The Member-based Mutual Revolution

Regional Australia comprises a series of micro-economic systems that produce 40% of the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product). However, they have no control of their community’s financial services or capital needs, and are dominated by a major bank system, with cartel profits exceeding $40 billion per annum. 

Regional Australia’s Contribution to GDP

0 %

Australia’s Major Banks Profits

$ 1 Billion

Our founders have seeded highly valuable intellectual property for the purpose of re-mutualising regional banking and financial services.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines mutualism as “the doctrine that individual and collective well-being is obtainable only by mutual dependence”.

Mutualism asserts that we have both rights and responsibilities, and that social, political and economic institutions work best when all of their members respect each other.


Deloitte’s predicted over 20 years ago that the future banks would be software companies. The equity holding, systems and structure mandatory for a bank can be replicated in a decentralised form, owned by members of that organisation. Given the exponential demand for capital from countless small businesses, our peer to peer fiduciary partnerships have enormous potential for growth.